8 November 2015

The Right To Question & Asking The Right Questions

What is 'questioning'?
Is it to ask? To know something?

There's a saying that men are keys and girls are locks. 
If every lock is able to open every key, 
it's considered a shit lock but if there's a key that can open every lock, 
it's considered as amazing key.

The Book of Questioning by Pablo Neruda

Tell me, is the rose naked?
Of is that her only dress?
Why do trees only conceal the splendour of their roots?
Does smoke talk with the clouds?
Why doesn't Thursday talk itself into coming after Friday?
How did the abandoned bicycle win its freedom?
Why do I move without wanting to?
Why am I not able to stand still?

If I ever reincarnate, what plant would I be?
As a flower? 
As a tree?

Human, Woman.
Why is there a man in human and woman?

Practical Aim by Cyril Wong

From my reflections on 28th August, 2012

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