22 November 2015


What is 'space'?
Is it an empty plot of land?
Is it empty?
Is it the spaces in between the keyboards or the keys on the laptop?
Is it the atmosphere above the Earth?
Is it a vacuum or a void?
Is it the spaces between w o r d s ?
Is space something imaginary that only occurs in my mind?
Is it nothing?
Is it freedom - the allowance to be able to do anything I want?
Is it distance?
Is it lines?
Is it a surface?

How do I feel a space?
Can I invade somebody else's space? 
It feels like I am. 
If I am thinking about somebody else, 
is that person invading my space?

What is a physical space?
Why am I connected to certain spaces?
Why am I afraid of graveyards or columbariums?
Aren't they considered haunted spaces?
Is it because it's quiet? 
Is it filled with bad memories?

Are virtual worlds' spaces?
Is my home a comfortable space?
What are relationship spaces?
How about emotional spaces that carry emotional baggage?
What are invisible spaces?

How can I attach or detach myself from a space?
What is private? What is public?
When I am private, there is closure, I am comfortable, I feel a sense of belonging, it is personal.
What I am public, I am proud, I am transparent, I show off, I am focused.
How can I be private in a public space?
When I listen to music in the train, aren't I conveying the privacy that I want in a public space?

Angles, Corners.

The spaces in between your toes.
Do I take spaces for granted?
How have I abused a space?
How do I attack a space?
How can I displace a space?
When I put on a shirt, 
is the shirt invading my body's space?

From my reflections on 15th January, 2013.

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