15 November 2015

Collecting 'Greys'

What defines 'collect'?
To find? 
Something that has sentimental value
To gather or join? 
To be able to have a choice?
Is it about memories?
Does it have to do with time?
Is it about the quality?
What qualifies as a 'collectible'?
Does it require an action?
Is it about enjoyment?
Is it about keeping a range of objects in the same category?

What do I collect?
Why do I collect things?
Is it because I find value in what I collect?
The memories I create when I collect and nostalgia that comes with it.

Things take up space.
Why collect?
What is my purpose of collecting?
Should there even be a purpose?
Unintentional collection and intentional collection.
What is intention?

Does collecting involve personality or is it a necessity?
Is money a collectible?
When I collect certain objects, does it tell of what kind of person I am?
Do I know what I have been collecting unintentionally?

From my reflections from 20th August, 2012.

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