25 October 2015

6 Thinking Hats

6 Thinking Hats by Edward de Bono

When I think of white,
pure, innocent, classic, blank, clear, clean, premium, original, basic, bright, scary, grace.
When I think of red,
anger, wrath, sexy, bloody, gory, strong, hot, passion, daring, brave, ambitious, focus, scary.
When I think of black,
dark, straight-forward, mysterious, emotional, curious, shallow, devious, beautiful, sophisticated.
When I think of yellow,
optimistic, dirty, attention, alert, imperial, vulnerable, rich, shy, shine, comfort, overwhelming.
When I think of green,
calming, natural, peaceful, fresh, hope, gross, disgusting, luscious, envy, stubborn, smart, grudge.
When I think of blue,
fresh, royal, wonder, cold, wise, clarity, steady, depressing, peaceful, smart, power, beautiful.


To Bono, white is neutral, fair, factual, focus and an observer like judges, doctors and police officers.
To Bono, red is emotional, all about the self, stern, stubborn, dramatic.
To Bono, black is negative, factual, logical and selfish.
To Bono, yellow is optimistic and positive.
To Bono, green is creative.
To Bono, blue is in control.

Do we choose to become this colours?
Were we born to be this colour?
Is it our life's experience that we become this colour?
If I am a black, will I ever become a yellow?
Can I ever change from a black to a yellow to a green?

From my reflections on 10th September, 2012.

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