14 October 2015

App Alert: Flipboard

Screen shot from the Flipboard website

While people spend their sweet time watching movies or walking in a deserted park, I chose to sit in front of my brightly lighted laptop at hhhhooommmeeee. Well it’s either that or I’m flipping through one of my favourite apps of my LIFE. It’s that amazing.

It’s called ‘Flipboard’, which many android users should already know since all you have to do is swipe your screen to the right. I find myself looking through it at least six times a day: when I wake up, as I leave the house, when I’m actually able to find an Internet connection in the train, when I’m having my brunch, on my way home and before I go to sleep. This is legit and to be clear, I do not have an addiction to my phone. It just happens to be by my side when it needs to be.

The Flipboard is designed to be a magazine that you could curate yourself as you navigate through articles from various websites. My favourite part of the app is that it’s constantly updating itself every few hours on the latest happenings around the world. Without watching the news, I’m able to know about the latest on ‘David Cameron’s ‘assault on social housing’’ or ‘Uber accidentally leaks personal data for hundreds of drivers’. What other apps does this, I have the slightest clue but it’s just too beautiful to use I can’t stop.

Flipboard has also sectioned their articles into topics, which makes it so much easier to read and entertain myself. There is even a subscription for the various topics such as the arts, planet mars or pop culture. 

Another quality that I like about Flipboard is the design on both the web and the app. I believe that they understood and took an interest in catering to readers. It is both easy to use and unlike my website, has great aesthetics and formatting. Why wouldn't anyone like it? It's like a ‘Pinterest for articles’! Every title and image seems interesting and never stops to capture your attention. After personalizing my ‘magazine’, I’m also able to share on Facebook or Twitter and return to read at any time.

Best of all, their ads are not annoying! Yes, they have ads and it can’t be helped but at least you don’t have to put in effort to look and tap the x on the screen. It’s too much of a waste of time and effort. Plus, it’s free and definitely worth a try!

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