5 June 2015

The Local People #T8 DECK: 30th May 2015

First appeared on my twitter: Busy Vendors, Busy Night 

Surprisingly no one has written a review about ‘The Local People’ or the local night art markets (art ‘pasar malam’) that they have been conducting over the past year. Therefore, let me be the first to start!

‘The Local People’ is an online platform that hosts young brands and assists them in providing an opportunity to enter the Singapore market. They recognize the stream of talent coming in from young artists and designers, hence the number of events and chances arranged for the producer and the masses. They even managed a shop online for local designers to advertise and sell hand-made products, which are really affordable and exquisitely done starting from as low as $7. You would have to remember that everything done is handcrafted and conceived by the artist/designer.

The art night market created a physical presence, branching out of the online network and introducing even more designers and artists who are willing to sell ORIGINAL works in pop-up stalls. The location in each market was also very unique. I remembered the first time I went was held at a small L-shaped alleyway @ Hoot Kiam Road. It was also their first event and at such an unconventional venue (on purpose). I remembered getting down at the wrong bus stop (thanks to google maps) and silently following a girl wearing an all black ensemble. I was actually there early, too early in fact that I got to chat with the designers and artists from the different vendors. (I was even able to meet friends who I still keep in contact!) Despite the narrow walkways, humidity and the smell from armpits, I really enjoyed my first time at the event. I was able to see a huge variety of works, most of which defined our culture as Singaporeans (e.g. Singlish) on canvas bags, notebooks, stamps etc. Additionally, young artists were also seen selling their works at a cheaper price than what they would normally bill outside of the market. The music provided by local musicians and performances also gave an upbeat vibe and a lively atmosphere that it made the experience more memorable. It’s basically like a street fair, except that the works presented have been given birth by the designer/artist and again, they are AFFOOOORDAAAAAABLE (yes I sang that out loud as I typed it, hahaha smiley face).

Recently, they had celebrated their one-year anniversary. From their first event at Hoot Kiam Road to the DECK @ 120A Princep Street. I was fortunate to be one of the vendors and it again, gave me a huge opportunity to meet young designers but from a different perspective. One of the most incredible things that I had learned was that most of the vendors already had a working career. Yet because of their passion in handicrafts or designs, they were able to commit themselves to the market.  I was there to sell some of my prints, which I do at extremely cheap prices – way down below of the average market price. The music, the food, the vibe, and the people – everything was GREAT. I was interested in so many of the items that were on sale. Heck, I even brought home items that I have no idea where to place but I’m sure that no one else has the same design (originality).

This is without doubt an event that I would still continue to go for (and maybe participate again in the future). I probably repeated this a few times already but seriously, the vibe is amazing. Everyone should go there! I usually leave there feeling really happy and satisfied or unbelievably dirty and sweaty. Whether you buy something or not, it’s undeniably an experience you would want to check off your list and go again.

For more information, visit their Facebook Page or their website.

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